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Destination : Bonifacio

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Seaside (4.00 km)
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The southernmost town in all of Corsica is surely also one of the most iconic; its houses clinging to the cliffs seem to defy both the drop and the passing of time. Take a camping holidayat Bonifacio, in the far South of Corsica, and enjoy an enchanting stay between sea and scrubland.

Heavenly beaches from Rondinara to Cala Longa

Fans of the sea and watersports will be in paradise on the many sandy beaches here. 15 minutes from the centre of Bonifacio, Cala Longa beach offers calm seas and clear waters. Meanwhile, kitesurfers and windsurfers flock to Balistra beach. The beach of Grand Sperone, overlooking the open sea, is perfect for scuba diving. A little further North, between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio, Rondinara beach is famous as one of the most beautiful on the island. One thing’s for sure : when you go camping at Bonifacio, you’ll be certain to find the beach of your dreams.

Your stay on our campsite in the far South of Corsica will also lead you on a voyage of discovery around the Lavezzi Islands, a listed site between Corsica and Sardinia.

Corsican culture and cuisine

To get the most out of yourholiday at our Bonifacio campsite, experience the culture of the Ile de Beauté. The rich cultural programme during the summer season will surely offer a concert of polyphonic singing. You can also discover the local cuisine : Corsican cured meats and cheeses are world-renowned.

And be sure to take a day trip from the Bonifacio campsite further into the island. The town of Sartène, nicknamed the most Corsican of Corsican towns, or the village of Fozzano, with its citadel-like stone houses, will show you another side of the Ile de Beauté.

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